Are cheat meals a reward?

Cheat meals or reward meals may seem counterproductive and repulsive at first glance. In reality, it can be beneficial if properly managed. Instructing someone to go on diets for months without indulging in some of their favorite food might just lead to disaster. Scientifically it is proven that you should not starve yourself to maintain your weight. Having cheat meals once in a while will help you burn fat faster, and increase your metabolism and energy.


Have a cheat meal plan
Proper planning is the right approach to cheat meals. You should have a plan for the kind of cheat meal you will be eating, when you will eat it and how often you will eat it. It is also better to eat cheat meals in a restaurant, rather than at home, in front of the TV. Ideally, if you are planning to lose fat faster, your low-cabs meal and cheat meal ratio should be about 20:1, no more no less. What this means is that for every five low-carb meal a day, you should eat one cheat meal in 5 to 6 days.

Cheat meals help avoid breaking point
Let’s face it; there is every tendency that your daily health routine might just get boring all of a sudden. At this time, your cheat meals become a reward that puts you back on track. This is a psychological issue, where you get motivated to continue your rigorous routine while looking forward to a reward meal.

Get a dietary holiday
Cheat meals can be a sort of nutritional holiday away from all those tasteless grain, meats and vegetables. During this break, you get to chew your meal and enjoy it instead of swallowing it down your throat. However, you should remember that is easy to get carried away.

Optimize your thyroid hormones
One of the unfavorable side effects of dieting is the effects it has on thyroid hormones, especially the hormones T3. Thyroid hormones help in growth, development and body metabolism. Surely, it is important to keep the thyroids working if you want to manage weight and optimal health. This is where cheating meals come in. Studies show that overfeeding, e.g., cheat meals, can increase hormone T3 and its metabolic effects.

Boost your mood and libido
When you’re trying to lose weight, it is normal for you to experience low libido and mood. There are ways to go about correcting this if you know what you’re doing. Cheat meals have been shown to increase the level of Dopamine – also known as the ‘happiness’ neurotransmitter. Dopamine can help control the pleasure centers in the brain and boost your libido and desires. So, having a cheat meal can increase your libido, improve your relationship with your partner and make your weight loss journey more likely to end up in success.

Cheat meals are great when you use them appropriately. You need a solid plan that will take advantage of the benefits and not exposing you to consume more, which may lead to overweight. Having a cheat or reward meal once in a while can be a delicious and rewarding affair.

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