Advantages of Stretching for Physical Fitness – Nate Wilkins

When you are fighting with depression or anxiety or depression, then exercise often seems like the least thing in your thought or you want to perform. What many people do not understand is that exercise will make a huge difference to make you feel happy. Exercise is known to improve and prevent many health problems, including diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure. Although there are exercise which may not really help you to fight depression.

Stretching tips

Exercise such as stretching is great for easing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Stretching is a type of exercise that releases endorphins that tend to make you happier, confident, calmer as well as stronger. Stretching can actually ward off and also, prevent symptoms of depression than other types of psychotherapy. The problem is that people just felt stretching is doing warm up before the actual workout. Some researches on depression and exercise shows that the physical and psychological benefits of exercise improves mood and reduces anxiety.

A study published online in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 1999, divided 156 men and women depression patients/participants into three groups. One group participated in an aerobic exercise program, another group took the SSRI sertraline (Zoloft), and while the third group performed the both.

After the 16 weeks activities, depression had eased in all the participant in the three groups. Approximately 60%–70% of the people who participated in the study could no longer be classed as suffering major depression. The group scores based on two rating scales of depression were exactly the same. This implies that if you wish to fight depression without drugs, exercise may be an acceptable substitute for antidepressants.

Remember to keep in mind that the swiftest response occurred in the group that takes antidepressants. It can be very hard to stay focused and motivated to exercise when you’re depressed.

After the research was conducted, follow-up study found that exercise’s effects lasts longer than antidepressants. Researchers checked in with 133 of the original participant after 6 months the first study ended and found out that men and women who exercised regularly after completion of the study were less likely to relapse into depression and anxiety.

Depression can also have harmful effects on an older adult’s health in several ways. Depression is linked to eating habits that causes obesity which makes someone to age fast than his or her age mates. It can also cause a condition known as geriatric anorexia. Depression in older adults can make them experience memory loss and higher rates of insomnia.

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