Important role of Leptin and Insulin play in Fat /Weight Loss

Hormones are like messengers in the body; they are responsible for virtually every major decision your body takes on a daily basis. In other words, you could say that they effect physiological activities in the body which include growth and development. When it comes to regulating the intake of food in the body, there are two major hormones involved; Leptin, a hormone produced by fat storage cells known as adipocytes which helps regulate fat storage in the body and Insulin which is a hormone produced by the pancreas that aids in regulating the amount of glucose in the body and also allows your body make use of sugar gotten from carbohydrates in your food as a source of energy. These two hormones are very critical to your survival as a human being and individually, they play vital roles and can prove to be determining factors in a person’s ability to lose weight successfully.

Based on the most recent findings, leptin takes on a very significant role when it comes to weight loss. It is responsible for regulating appetite in humans by giving your brain information on the amount of stored fat in your body. In a situation where there is surplus fat stored in the body, laptin levels in your system will begin to rise, thereby reducing hunger and when there is a low amount of fat in the body, laptin levels in your system will fall, thereby increasing hunger. It has also been discovered that laptin is capable of significantly boosting thermogenesis in the body by increasing sympathetic nervous system activity which in turn helps burn fat faster and could further lead to weight loss.


Insulin on the other hand is seen by a majority of people as the major cause of overweight due to the fact that it increases fat storage in the body and stops fat storage cells from discharging fat to energise the body. This idea has a lot of truth to it, but most people fail to understand that the pancreas doesn’t just secrete insulin at will; the release of this hormone is activated by an abnormal increase in blood sugar levels, usually as a result of excessive carbohydrate in meals. When your body notices that your blood sugar level is above normal, the pancreas immediately sends out insulin to salvage the situation by clearing the bloodstream of unwanted glucose and locking it up in your fat cells and muscles. It’s like a doctor trying to save a dying patient. By bringing blood sugar levels under control, you can trigger a chain reaction of events that can result in weight loss i.e., insulin levels in your system will begin to drop, thereby giving your body the leverage to access stored fat and burn it as energy. All you have to do is maintain a healthy low-carb diet with a reasonable amount of protein to keep your insulin levels in check and you could end up living a healthy lifestyle and lose weight faster.

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