30 Day Squat Challenge

This is just a simple 30 day exercise plan which the participant usually do a set number of squats per day. 30 day squat challenge is one of the most popular challenge and also very effective. It helps to boost your leg and butt muscles, and strengths your body, if you strive to complete all 30 days required.

The 30 day squat challenge one exercise-which you have to do every day, and the time spent doing the exercise will slowly Increases day by day which would help you in building up your body muscle strength gradually, and ensures you are editable to complete the final day challenge successfully


You don’t need to exceed the recommend number of squat each day, just do the amount written in the 30 day squat challenge guide below. Although it all depends on you, if you feel you’re strong enough, you can still repeat each days challenge as many times as possible. You must understand that it will be difficult to perform multiple squat at the last day of the 30 day challenge. Body weight resistance is often an excellent starting point in building strength. Body weight squats work your legs, glutes, as well as core. Squats are considered cornerstone of strength training.

Step-by-step guide on how to successfully do 30-Day Squat Challenge

  • You should stand with your legs over shoulder width apart, and your toes to be pointing slighting outwards.
  • Either you put your hands on over the head or even if it’s difficult to balance just hold them out parallel to the floor.
  • Sit like you are sitting on a chair then break the hips before bending your knees
  • Then keep your back straight, lower yourself down until your thighs are straight to the floor
  • Lower yourself as low as you can.
  • And don’t allow the knees to go towards your toes
  • As you reach the bottom of the squat, just push up your heels and you squeeze your glutes to return to its starting position.

The number of squats to perform each day during the 30 day squat challenge


Day 1 – 50 squats

Day 2 – 55 squats

Day 3 – 60 squats

Day 4 – REST DAY

Day 5 – 70 squats

Day 6 – 75 squats

Day 7 – 80 squats

Day 8 – REST DAY

Day 9 – 100 squats

Day 10 – 105 squats

Day 11 – 110 squats

Day 12 – REST DAY

Day 13 – 130 squats

Day 14 – 135 squats

Day 15 – 140 squats

Day 16 – REST DAY

Day 17 – 150 squats

Day 18 – 155 squats

Day 19 – 160 squats

Day 20 – REST DAY

Day 21 – 180 squats

Day 22 – 185 squats

Day 23 – 190 squats

Day 24 – REST DAY

Days 25- 220 squats

Day 26 – 225 squats

Day 27 – 230 squats

Day 28 – REST DAY

Day 29 – 240 squats

Day 30 – 250 squats

Reference: http://www.natestretchandmore.com07 




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