Learn How To Start Your Holiday’s Health And Fitness Plan – Nate Wilkins

The festive mood is almost near. Have you made your health and fitness plans for the holidays, or should you? If you plan to lose, weight or maintain your current weight, now is the perfect time to start making a fitness plan. Your draft should not be too complex, but rather a SMART one. With this, your plan must be simple, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

During the holidays, according to the Cleveland Clinic website, most adults gain weight during the holidays. In the article published by the Nutrition and Metabolism website, it stated that an increase in the percentage of the body fats and mass was evident during the pre-Thanksgiving to post-New Year.

If you hate to have additional body fats in your body, it is wise to make a concrete plan beginning today.


A Realistic Health and Fitness Draft



Stick to your diet plan– if you have your own diet plan already, and if it is working for you, then you do not need to scour the net for any diet fad. However, for those who are still trying to look for their diet-fit, start reading and researching now.

The internet has a plethora of information about diet, but be wary because not all diet suggestions offer a meaningful outcome. It is careful to read the expert’s view, a medical journal, and materials that provide evidence-based results.

Not a Cheat Day- holidays are not your cheat day, in fact, you need to work double to burn hundreds of calories each day. The reality is that during the holidays the corporate parties are everywhere. Friends are celebrating as well. The chances of consuming more are also high. The other factor is the weather, which leads to the next suggestion.

Do not be lazy – the cold weather is depressive, and it makes you feel lazy. Do not succumb to the temptation, go out and exercise. Alternatively, you can burn your calories at home with some easy to a follow-holiday fitness plan. There are the two-way lunge, tricep dips, standing row, or just the squat. There are so many choices when it comes to this type of workout, and you can easily refer to the steps and the repetitions online.

The quest for not getting fat during the holiday season is an uphill struggle. Temptations are like 360 degrees. It is seen in all corners, and the environment is too conducive to sleep or just being lazy. If you do not get a realistic goal and the discipline to act on it, you can expect two to five- pound increase when the holiday ends.

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