Know The Best Exercise For Spinal Issues : Nathaniel Wilkins

Young and active people may not deem spine issues and pain as a major health issue. On the other hand, adults may sense that their spine issues may be a symptom of a more incapacitating health issue. One example is the spinal fusion, where the vertebrae are surgically connected to repair the damage.


In general, the pain in the spine warrants a medical check-up a doctor to know the cause or the origin of the pain. Damage in the spine may manifest light to moderate pain in some parts in the lower extremities’ area, thus it needs an expert eye to know the cause of the pain.

However, before starting any form of exercise, it is best to let your doctor know about the exercise that you are going to perform or better yet, seek some suggestions from your doctor the spine exercise that is good for you.

Helpful spine exercises

  • Low-Impact Aerobic Exercise – Spine health suggested that low impact aerobic exercise improves the blood flood which directly benefits, the delivery of the nutrients to the faculty structures of the spine. Also, this form of exercise does not shake the spine, making it safe to do.
  • Low Impact Exercise – walking and stationary bicycling are the most common type of low impact exercise. Walking is tender to the back. Walking like three miles per week is beneficial for people with spine issues. However, be keen on the type of shoes to choose. The shoe should not only provide a good balance and protection to your feet, but also a sturdy and supportive base to help the spine and body in a similar alignment.
  • Water Therapy – this is doing a routine exercise in the water. The water provides minimal stress at the back because of its buoyancy – this counteracts the gravitational pull. Your trainer can suggest an effective exercise routine done in the water.

Similarly, spine issues also require the proper ways to ease the pain in order to make the spine healthy and happy.

  • Rest the spine by using the right kind of support. The mattress and pillow are the tools to act as a spine support to make the muscles and ligament stress-free.
  • Sit with support – long periods of sitting can strain the disc in the lower spine, and it can cause the pain to worsen when it is already evident. Place a back support to ease the discomfort. However, experts suggest to stand-up and stretch and walk around.

In conclusion, taking care of your spine, entails exercise to avoid stressing a part of the spine. A good look by your doctor can help you get to the right type of exercise and seek help to your trainer, if you have one, on how to perform the suggested spine exercises.

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