How Does Exercise Affect Diabetes Type 2?

Looking at the greater picture, the aim of diabetes type 2 (DM-2), the individual is to reduce the sugar in the blood. This is done through oral or injectable medicines and exercise. The latter is cost-efficient and safe. However, with this type of condition, both medication and exercise are part of the blood sugar control that doctors’ advice to their patients.

type-2-diabetes - Nathaniel Wilkins

In DM-2, the body’s supply of insulin is insufficient, creating an imbalance in the blood sugar re-uptake. Albeit, most DM-2 individuals have lost weight without exercising; however, this is not healthy, and it should not be an excuse for not exercising. This is a symptom that should be avoided to DM-2 persons because the body is just compensating for the imbalance of sugar in the body, thus it burns the body fats to fuel the energy expenditure.

The Importance of Exercise

The benefits of exercise are plenty, and for the DM-2 individual, this means the ability to be in control of the condition. What this means is that DM-2 puts a person at risk for high blood pressure, amputation, erectile dysfunction in men, irritability and so many other possible dreadful complications. Exercise can help halt the progression of the condition.

This is supported by the article published by the Endocrine website, which states that exercise helps individuals with DM-2 by avoiding the complication, heart problems. DM-2 puts the person highly susceptible to developing blocked arteries, which can eventually lead to cardiac arrest.

Exercise helps the heart strong and healthy. In addition, it also helps maintain or increased a good increased cholesterol level. The direct outcome with regular exercise for people with DM-2 is low blood pressure, controls weight, improves mood and sleep and it also aids in having stronger bones and muscles.

Types of Exercise

Certainly, there’s a lot of exercise to pick; however, as stressed in the Endocrine website, there should be a balance between aerobic, strength training and flexibility workout. The following are the suggested exercises to choose; walking, with a good type of walking shoes, jogging, swimming, biking and playing tennis.


It is advised to  have at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. However, if the 30-minute is difficult to schedule, it can be done in chunked, say 10 minutes for three times to sum it up to 30-min workout.

DM-2 is a chronic in nature, and this condition is controllable via regular exercise, lifestyle modification, diet with a good sugar control.

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