Can Discomforts In The Right Amount Make One Stronger: Nate Wilkins

No one is spared from having discomfort or light to moderate pain after having a regular workout or training. Even the most seasoned athletes and body builders experienced this kind of pain once in their training careers. Are discomforts perceived as a threat or as strength?

A Look at Discomforts:

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For the unconditioned persons, discomforts are perceived as a downtime because of the fear of pain. They fear that the pain is due to torn ligaments or damaged muscles. This occurrence of pain and discomfort, according to WebMd is a common reaction of the body, when there are physical activities.

After the training or physical activities, there is microscopic damage to the muscles which causes the sore. Some people may feel differently and at a different time. The muscle soreness can happen one day after the workout or even up to 48 hours. This is the normal path of the pain.

Most trainers and experts would advise their clients not to stop the physical activity, but to continue doing it. Exercise, although it brings a moderate discomfort, also presents many benefits. Firstly, it improves the circulation. When the body’s temperature is heightened, this is because of the exercises and movements; the blood flow is also improved. Secondly, there is a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients being delivered to the different parts of the body. Finally, with a good workout, it can result in the repair of the damaged tissues.

Remedy of the Discomforts

Despite the bothersome feeling of the discomforts and pain in the body, this should not stop the person from doing what they want. Instead, there is evidence-based remedy to help alleviate the pain. There is the activated heat wrap; there is the RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation) method to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Discomforts as Inspiration

It is no wonder why known athletes continue to pursue their sport despite their accidents, because most of them got their strength from the pain that they have gone through. Discomforts are a strong motivating factor to continue the training and exercise, because the feeling of pain assures a person that the body is reacting to the challenge, and that the body is healthy.

Mild to moderate discomforts are feelings, which most people felt when they were training and doing their physical activities. It should not be perceived as a hindrance rather it should be seen as something positive and healthy.


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